San Francisco, USA

Jun 2016

We always ask to seat at the marble counter, in front of the embers and of the Italian pizza oven, and in front of the youngest chef, who attends to leavened products and spreads shiny melted butter on a long strip of homemade focaccia that lies on the long wooden chopping board. We have the focaccia with the soft ricotta of the house, which is cooked in the oven in a large fig leaf inside a cast-iron pot and served with silky honey. One of the highlights of the Italian country cuisine of Chef Michael Tusk (two Michelin stars for Quince, the elegant next-door restaurant) is the handmade tortellone – filled with ricotta and creamy yolk – with melted butter, abundant Parmesan and pepper. Salted fireworks for two Italians who, in the U.S.A., book a table in an Italian restaurant only in California.

Words Paola Corini. Photo Luca De Santis. Translation Alessia Andriolo.

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