Four Barrel Coffee

San Francisco, USA

Jun 2016

First, you need to complete your morning pilgrimage to every single coffee temple in San Francisco. There, young good-looking tattooed employees grind and roast coffee beans every day, then sort trolleys of blends of the house to the best restaurants in town, where people talk about the aromatic shades of lilac, peach, or winter melon of any single-origin from Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil, and drink tall hot mugs at breakfast while reading the (digital) morning newspaper. Then, you will go back daily to Four Barrel, on Valencia Street, because the staff are honest and sexy. You are only a few blocks away from Tartine Bakery, but by now your ritual consists of the drip coffee of the Slow Bar and of the sweet ginger and caramel bun you like to tear with your hands. Moreover, where you can find such a café in San Francisco, there are at least a bunch of shops to visit, so take some more time for the independent Taylor Stitch and the vintage No.

Words Paola Corini. Translation Alessia Andriolo.

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