Izakaya Rintaro

San Francisco, USA

Jun 2016

Those who have been to Japan know how a typical restaurant, its Chef and the steam of its kitchen, along with the quiet cheerfulness inside, can camouflage themselves perfectly and disappear behind a street number. 82, 14th Street looks like a deserted address, but when you cross the small court made of bamboo canes, coloured windblown paper-carps and rows of lit lightbulbs you are in a perfect Japanese izakaya, with hundred-year-old cedar wood alcoves and yakitori sizzling on coal. More than every single piece of pottery, more than the small portions of ‘food of the house’, more than the delicate and skilful service, the atmosphere and the right music will be the cult things about this Mission District jewel in San Francisco.


Words Paola Corini. Translation Alessia Andriolo.


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