San Francisco, USA

Jun 2016

It may be the most expensive dinner of a lifetime, but the seasoned reserve caviar – with smoked salt of the house – will be served in an ancient French-crystal sugar bowl, the pickles of the best trout sashimi in a miniature jewel case, the farm herbs infusion (the family farm is one hour north of San Francisco) in the shape of a tiny bouquet of wild flowers in a porcelain and pure gold tea cup, and the violet asparagus bare and simply browned on a live flame. The man sitting at the closest table is a regular who comes here alone, wearing a 70s crimson suit perfect for a unique and extremely elegant rendezvous. Ask to be seated as close as possible to the long shiny steel tables of the open kitchen where the Executive Chef leads his team of industrious bees in a precise dance. Three Michelin stars and no dress code… Come as you are.

Words Paola Corini. Photo Luca De Santis. Translation Alessia Andriolo.

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