My Springtime

by Nadja Buseck

Jun 2018

Nadja grew up in a hotel in the Austrian Alps. She studied the history of art, the theory of photography, and dance in Berlin, London, and Vienna, but left academia during her PhD on contemporary dance photography. After gaining international experiences in the arts –from interning at a gallery in Buenos Aires to managing exclusive culture trips– she decided to follow her own vision and founded Where About Now in late 2017.


A book you would take with you on a journey

I tend to bring books that end up feeling out of place on the journey. It might be because in Berlin (where I am based and where I pack my things), I feel diferently than I do at the respective destinations. I do take books (on my previous trip to Los Angeles, I took an intercultural art mediation reader), but I usually don’t feel like reading them. Instead, I dive in to whatever I get my hands on onsite.

 The ideal souvenir

The memory

The best breakfast ever

Happens whenever I’m able to pause and have a slow morning. I love to listen to the radio when I’m at home; and when out, I like to people watch, preferably under the sun. It goes without saying that cofee is essential.

The best place for an outdoor lunch

At Mars, a restaurant in my neighborhood in Wedding, Berlin. Its garden is nestled between a former crematory, which is now used as cultural institution, and a cemetery. It is a green oasis during the summertime and is always peaceful. I wonder — does the stillness come from the absence?

A holiday place from your childhood

I grew up in a hotel in Salzburg, Austria. We didn’t really go on holidays often, and when we did it was mainly related to work. That is also the way I see it today. Traveling allows me to think, and hence, to work diferently. But one memory that comes to my mind is me as a child standing on a bench, reaching towards the sky with a branch in my hand. Can we say this was my holiday destination? In the context of the current launch of SpaceX and the universe as a future travel destination, it may not be too far of.

A dream beach

There are so many out there (hopefully we will be smart enough to save them from overtourism etc.)… At all beaches I enjoy the same: the expansiveness of the sea and sky.

The postcard you hope to send

A digital one which is as good as a physical one.

 Your summer ritual

Get out of cities!

Your list of places to visit

I’m not really good at making lists. It’s more that my ideas for places to visit develop out of various components. I go wherever friends are, where a phenomenon has caught my attention, or where something interesting is happening. If I have to name one though: Tbilisi, Georgia.

An island you would go back to anytime

Would be a kind of metaphorical island, in the sense of certain places that are diferent from the others. This understanding of “islands” I find in places like Topanga (Los Angeles), Berlin, and Bad Gastein (Austria).

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