Domaine de la Baume

Provence, France

Oct 2014

Set in the Haut Var, this majestic building could be the perfect setting for the tale of the Creation: a quintessentially French Eva wakes up in chambre Rita, the walls covered in floral tapestries, and lies in bed looking out of the window at the big cherry tree in the wind. It was the last home of the expressionist painter Bernars Buffet who found inspiration in the warm ochre colour of the façade. One of his wife’s romances was entitled: "Le rêve sera plus long que la nuit". For us, the dream never ended; instead it went on at breakfast, in the living rooms decorated in warm delicate shades, in the Provencal garden and in the elegant swimming pool guarded by two imposing marble lions. Inside, the house smells of olive oil candle, and outside of wild curry and ripe purple figs. After a few days here, this property will become a familiar place you that will feel personally attached to. At night, the coloured lights in the garden create a delicate and joyful atmosphere. François Martin’s gourmet dinner is another intimate and cheerful moment in this stylish domaine; his food is French, Mediterranean, locally sourced and noble.

Words Paola Corini

Translation Raffaella De Tommasi




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