Inn at the Presidio

San Francisco, USA

Aug 2016

Old-world brick red, snow white and eucalyptus green California. If there is an image of San Francisco that makes us think of the words ‘home’ and ‘America’, it is us enjoying the view from the first floor of this inn – built in 1903 as a military office with the classic wooden colonnade. Outside the large horizontal window in our suite, we can see the strip of quiet and slightly leaning asphalt that reflects twin single houses bounded only by short-grass gardens and no gates. For centuries, Presidio was the neighbourhood of the US Army officers, and it is the green park area on the map where the magic red bridge begins, the Golden Gate Bridge that takes you to Marin County like a rainbow that ends into our pot of gold north of San Francisco, i.e. Muir Woods, Bolinas, Mt. Tamalpais, and Point Reyes.

Words Paola Corini. Photo Luca De Santis. Translation Alessia Andriolo.

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