Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Jun 2015

Guillaume moved to Paris to study architecture, then started working as a graphic designer and quit attending university, but he promised himself he would carry out at least one architectural project in his life. Maison Collongue is the fulfilment of this promise. A pastel-coloured main door opens on a courtyard where white, pale grey, grass green and the natural grace of anything French rule. Guillaume does not stand on ceremony and takes you to the living room, where a réunion de famille has just started. We walk past a night blue armchair, a series of Damien Hirst works, and a cement and steel kitchen. Guillaume’s project lives among the walls of a silk farm built between the seventeenth and the nineteenth century. Now, it reveals a domestic view where rooms and garden, as well as white and colour, harmonize with a perfect rhythm. The unceasing sound of water gushing from the fountain in the entrance, as it has for centuries, is a constant background. You take off your shoes almost immediately. You walk barefoot on ancient rocks, Swedish carpets, resin, and grass. In your room, you find linen linens, a Jean Prouvé chair, and organic Maison Collongue toiletries – one of Guillaume’s projects. Just the time to wear your swimsuit, and then off to the swimming pool, with a band of crickets and butterflies. When Guillaume comes to you with two glasses of icy rosé and spicy black olives, he will explain that he preferred a spontaneous field of autochthonous plants to a rigorous garden. The classic French breakfast has many merits, both in its substance and in its form. Maison Collongue, the main work by architect Guillaume.




Words Laura Taccari

Pictures Leone Di Sebastiano

Translation Alessia Andriolo


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